AOC terrines served with onion jam
Goat’s cheese and mountain sow’s ham on toast
Roasted bone marrow with fleur de sel, Poujauran bread rubbed with garlic
Board of  cooked delicatessen meats from Conquet’s in Laguiole and terrine
Veal head carpaccio, sauce gribiche
Pyrenéen sow ham from Ramon Arrosagaraï
Home-made duck foie gras terrine

Pork loin IBAÏONA from Ospital
The roaster’s plate (lard, black-feet chicken, guinea fowl)
Black-feet chicken from Mr Barreau, sautéed potatoes
Chitterling sausage from Duval
Roasted suckling pig, sautéed potatoes

The meat of AOC
Beef prime rib of Normande breed, for 2 people
Entrecôte Normande
Beef prime rib Simmenthal of Bavaria, for 2 people
Entrecôte Simmenthal of Bavaria
Flank steak tartare, chopped when ordered
Beef tartare (French bovine) chopped when ordered

Pur ewe’s milk cheese from the Abbaye de Belloc, matured by Benedictine monks in the Basque country and its black cherry jam from the Pyrenées

Les Desserts
Rice pudding, Teurgoule style
Bourbon vanilla crème brûlée
Soft-centered Valrhona chocolate cake
Ile flottante with toasted almonds
Ice-creams and sorbets
Apple tart tatin, crème fraîche
Café gourmand